There are many reasons you may look for guidance and support with a life coach.  Coaching offers an alternative to a more traditional therapy approach.  Coaching tends to be more direct and behaviorally oriented. Coaching will help you will move forward in the process of finding balance and purpose within the first session.

We can work together to better understand and meet challenges you are currently experiencing in your life.  Integrative therapy and various approaches and techniques can help us discover behavior patterns that may be holding you back. Some of these therapies will include: positive psychology, sleep therapy, solution focused therapy, mindfullness based therapy,  behavioral activation and cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition health psychology, the mind-body connection and holistic psychotherapy will be utilized.

Coaching helps you manage and regulate your emotions by learning to:

  • Recognize thoughts and behaviors that create anxiety

  • Identify new ways of thinking that reduce anxiety

  • Practice self-soothing behaviors that calm the nervous system

By identifying obstacles and moving forward, we can instead introduce healthier patterns and behaviors, which will lead to a more balanced, deliberate and meaningful life.

Sessions are generally 50 minutes long. Homework will be given at each session to help you continue to work on your goals outside of therapy sessions. Generally, 5-8 sessions is the expected course of treatment. Online and text coaching on an unlimited plan basis is another option that clients find helpful in achieving their goals.


  • Guidance on moving forward or changing directions in your career

  • Becoming less anxious

  • Finding more meaning in life

  • Managing symptoms of sadness, hopelessness or depression

  • Finding acceptable work-life -home balance

  • Identifying and using your strengths and talents to increase confidence and self esteem

  • Support when making major life decisions

  • Learning to balance stress

  • Working on nutrition/health/exercise goals and overall wellness