I have worked with adolescents (age 11 and up) for 15 years. In this time, it has become clear that making the decision to send your child to counseling can be a difficult one. Parents worry about having someone new enter their child’s life during a vulnerable time. My hope for your child and family is that together we can create a safe environment that will help your child to feel open and honest.

I have found that the process is effective and yields good results when the child knows the parents care, love and want to support them. Usually this can be accomplished within a short time period (3-8 sessions).  My belief is that the family should be included for lasting results. Sessions are about .45 minutes.  Parents will be included in the first session, last few minutes of each session and last session as appropriate. My goal is to help you better support your child’s needs. Your child will work on coping skills, confidence building, trust and building relationships in therapy so that they can use these skills out of the therapy office as well. This will include homework, which surprisingly, most children don’t mind doing.

It is an honor to work with adolescents and families and I look forward to working with you and yours.