Workshop Topics for schools, camps, after school programs or team building

Anger Management

Do you feel like your anger is out of control?  Do you blow up over minor situations?  Are you having trouble getting along with friends, teachers, and/or your family?  In this workshop you will learn the dynamics of anger, what pushes your buttons, and how to manage your anger in more appropriate ways.

 Beating the Blues

Have you recently felt down or alone in your personal, social, or academic struggles?  This group will provide a support network of students struggling to deal with different aspects of life.

Being Assertive

Would you like to feel more comfortable speaking in class?  Working in groups?  Standing up to people who bring you down?  If so, this workshop is right for you.  Come discuss different strategies to express yourself in a positive manner.

Changing Families

Is someone in your family experiencing a separation or divorce?  Do you have a relative that has been, or is in jail?  Do you have a new sibling in your family or a new stepparent? This group will provide ideas and support for coping with family changes.

 G.I.R.L.S. (Girls in Real Life Situations)

This workshop is designed specifically for girls!  Have you ever felt alone in your struggles as a girl?  This group will encourage you to share feelings and struggles and openly discuss important issues in a safe and supportive environment. You will feel empowered, gain self-awareness, develop coping strategies, improve problem-solving skills, and understand that you are not alone!

 Healthy Choices

This group is for anyone wishing to live a healthier life.  Different aspects of fitness, nutrition, self-esteem/care, communication skills, and developing healthy attitudes will be discussed.

Stress Management

Do you feel overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of everyday life?  Is homework, your friends/family, or after school activities getting the best of you?  Gather support from peers and learn healthy stress management skills to get you through difficult times.  


Are you new to school and struggling to adjust? Are you having trouble making friends? If so, you are not alone!  Starting over is difficult!  This group will provide tips to help you adjust to being new and provide ideas to get involved with the community and school to make your transition easier. 


SOS Signs of Suicide® Prevention program is an award-winning, nationally recognized program designed for middle and high school-age students. The program teaches students how to identify the symptoms of depression and suicidality in themselves or their friends, and encourages help-seeking through the use of the ACT® technique (Acknowledge, Care, Tell).