The Problems Include:

  • An Infant or toddler who consistently does not sleep through the night.

  • A preschooler who resists going to bed or staying in bed.

  • A grade-schooler who wets the bed or has nightmares.

  • Other forms of infant, toddler, or child sleep difficulties

When insomnia or other sleep problems become frequent in a child, you and your child may need help. Many parents become concerned and frustrated about what to do. They may have tried many things only to find that they prolong or deepen the pattern they seek to change.

Sleep problems can occur at any age including:

  • Baby sleep problems

  • Toddler poor sleep

  • Childhood Sleep Difficulties, Bed-wetting, or Nightmares.

These and other issues can be helped. There are modalities and resources that parents can implement to help their child sleep and feel better.