"I am working out everyday and staying focused on my plan. Thanks so much for all your great counseling! You have helped me so much during this difficult life transition."

"Your guidance helped me to make this emotional step.  Actually it was a a big leap that I did not know I could make” on my website. Of course you name would not be associated with it"

"Mrs. Van Ness provided compassionate and supportive care at a time when I was in need of counseling services. She offers a great deal of knowledge and professionalism to her patients and at the same time provides a relaxed and caring attitude. I appreciated that Mrs. Van Ness was also very flexible and able to accommodate my busy schedule for appointment option."

"I have been sleeping very well and was also sleeping deeply after our sessions. All the tips you gave me were incredibly helpful and were important aspects to my recovery!"

"Meredith provided me and my husband support with a very difficult decision in our life.  She provided a "mirror" to understand what we were both feeling and thinking, and she helped us through some tough conversations as a couple.  Meredith also met with me one-on-one, which allowed me to delve deeper into the roots of some related issues.  Through all the hard conversations, Meredith made us feel "okay" - that we were human and it was okay to struggle while keeping the bigger picture of life in perspective.  "

"My daughter needed someone to talk to during a tough time in her adolescence. Meredith was able to help her through this time and now she is doing well as a sophomore in college." 

“Meredith Van Ness was everything I was looking for in a therapist, and more.  She is not only professional, knowledgeable, and truly kind-hearted, but she has an amazing ability to listen extremely intently before providing comprehensive advice.  My life turned around in the best way because of her support and guidance!” 

"My son was always stating he was tired and as the first time mother of a teenager I assumed it was part of adolescence. When I went to parent teacher conferences I was made aware by his teachers that lack of sleep was having an effect on his engagement in class and understanding of concepts.  This is when we sought out help from Meredith. The therapy was very helpful.  In his words: When I first started going to your therapy sessions my grades were starting to drop because I couldn't pay attention. It took a little while, but it really started making a difference and my grades started going back up. At this point right I rarely have issues sleeping."

“Thanks for the assistance you provided in helping me get through this rough patch in my life. The strategies provided will help me keep things in perspective for the rest of my career.”  

“Doing really good right now but will reach out to you in future if I feel like I need to again!”

“Thank you for all your help you have supported me through a very difficult period in my life! "