Are you Ready to Create lasting change?

Are you ready to live a life you love?


Are you tired of feeling rushed, overwhelmed, stressed and anxious? Do you feel like you can’t get out of your own way? Do you feel like the everyday stress and worry is constant and overwhelming? Are you ready to put the work into feeling better? Do you want to create lasting change and experience more life-balance? If so, I can help.

My job is to teach you these skills and to then hold you accountable to yourself. Through tried and true techniques developed though the Balanced + Well hybrid coaching and counseling program we will work on:

  • Decreasing stress, overwhelm, anxiety and worry.

  • Managing and understanding symptoms of sadness or depression.

  • Finding more meaning in life.

  • Living a life we LOVE (and being really ok, when we don’t always love all of it all of the time.)


Topics you can expect in the balanced + well Program:

(Lessons will consist Of Work on Mental, physical and Emotional health.)

Goal Setting and identifying:

  • Finding solutions.

  • Creating systems.

  • Developing a personalized plan for you.

Awareness and Confidence Boosting:

  • Identifying and using your strengths to increase confidence and self-esteem.

  • Increasing self-awareness to boost confidence.

  • Defining and understanding the importance of living within our personal values.

  • Noticing and observing our mood, getting comfortable with our different moods.

  • Increasing self-compassion and self-care. Lear

    Thought work:

  • Recognize thoughts and behaviors that create tension.

  • Noticing when negative thoughts come up and learning sometimes it’s ok.

  • Learning that some negative thoughts can be categorized and irrational.

  • Understanding how our thoughts affect our feelings and actions.

  • Identify new ways of thinking that reduce stress.

  • Learn to make decisions out of empowering thoughts.

    Holistic Health Work:

  • Working on nutrition and understanding how it affects our mental health.

  • Creating exercise goals to increase overall wellness. 

  • Clearing clutter and space.

  • Fostering Positive relationships

  • Implementing Sleep therapy as needed.

  • Finding self care practices that you can and will implement.

    Mindfulness Work:

  • Learning behaviors that calm the nervous system.

  • Learning and practicing mindfulness and meditation techniques.

  • Learn and practice self-soothing behaviors that calm the nervous system.

  • Creating a daily gratitude practice.


Here is how it works:

Balanced + Well Program

  • 6 1:1 Sessions spread out over 6-8 weeks to give you accountability and confidence.

  • Goals and behavioral changes will be identified and discussed in weekly and then monthly sessions to guarantee you stay committed and accountable to yourself and your goals and dreams.

  • A new a new area of focus each week that builds on your overall wellness.

  • 1:1 Support, accountability and guidance to create lasting, sustainable change.

  • 1:1 Sessions conducted by Phone or an online platform.

  • Homework and worksheets given between sessions based on your goals.

  • Access to online group for additional support as needed

  • $600