Hi, I am meredith.

Are you ready to love your life?


I am a life coach, psychotherapist, a mother and an outdoor enthusiast. In my free time, I chase my husband and three boys through the mountains of Colorado biking, hiking and skiing. I also love yoga, baking and having lazy, relaxing days at home. I love my profession, my family and my life.

Truthfully, balancing everything I love doing is not an easy task. It has taken me a long time (15 years as a therapist and life coach) to figure out how to do my best with it and allow myself grace when I don’t. In fact, life balance requires a lot of flexibility. I am grateful to have chosen a career that focuses on well- being. I have adapted, developed and implemented practices and skills that I have learned from my profession to my own lifestyle and the lifestyles of hundreds of clients. I understand that I am in control of managing my mood, my thoughts, my behavior and my actions. I can be deliberate, mindful and balanced.

But, this is not given. It requires work everyday. I can help you with this work. Together, we can find balance for you too. I believe living a life you love is always a work in progress. Finding balance at home, work and play is something that needs to be fine tuned and managed daily. I have discovered a holistic approach to help you shift you’re thinking so you can create and maintain fulfilling change.

I am ready to help you create productive and positive change in your life. I have a BA in Women’s Studies, an MSW in Social Work and a Certification in Life Coaching and Sleep Coaching. As a LCSW with 15 years of experience in private practice and in the counseling profession, I am confident in my my ability to facilitate change. What has helped me the most to overcome life’s difficulties and achieve my goals are the tools, strategies and techniques that I now use to coach my clients.

My approach

I have been woking with women to increase confidence, decrease anxiety, overwhelm and depression for my entire career. My clinical experience will help you rethink your thoughts, find grace within the constant balancing act of life and gain a holistic wellness. It is my honor to help you love the life you have.

  • My emphasis in behavioral therapies allows for change facilitated through the therapeutic and coaching process with research-based, real solutions.

  • I teach you to think in new and more productive ways. This way, you can let go of what is not working and invite in new ways of thinking and being.

  • This means fulfilling, lasting changes that impact all areas of your life.

Your experience with this integrative approach becomes a catalyst for positive change through self-awareness, self-acceptance, healing and personal growth.

I am also a behavioral sleep therapist and a sleep science coach. I am able to use several proven modalities and research based interventions to help you with your sleep if this is needed.

Expertise in both coaching and more traditional therapies allows you to benefit from an array of integrative techniques and applications. 

Contact me to set up a session and get started! Sign up for a complimentary 15 min mini session to see how you can get started.